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The Grad's Guide to the Big, Rich, Magnificent

Life You Deserve

As a parent, author Dina Mauro was so hyper-focused on competing and comparing her children to other children that she almost lost sight of what they required to thrive. She realized that when they thrive, everything in their lives falls abundantly into place.

 You’ve Got This! The Grad’s Guide to the Big, Rich, Magnificent Life You Deserve steers the reader through critical “markers” along life’s way: improving oneself, conquering obstacles, achieving goals, and cultivating relationships. Other stops on the journey include heading off to college, entering the work world, making decisions, managing technology, speaking in public, and many more.

 You’ve Got This! is a long-overdue guidebook that illuminates forty-seven achievable strategies and real-world advice for not just living—but thriving! Now grads have the roadmap for facing challenges that left untouched can become big distractions to an exceptional life.

When traveling down life’s road, don’t simply step forward—leap toward your magnificent life. You’ve got this!  



Author, entrepreneur, volunteer, big-hearted parent, inspiration seeker, animal lover, grateful daily

"It takes a village to raise a child” 

but in today’s society, where is that village?

It is here.

I have gathered and poured all that I

have within “You’ve Got This!” for my 

three teenagers and now I've made it

available to you - because we can all thrive and we all should. There is no shortage of success and happiness.  

Baby steps are inertia which becomes momentum and soon you’ll look back and  say, "Wow, look how far I've come”. 

The door is open….come on in.